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Donna & Michael

I first met Donna at a wedding fayre at Colwick Hall back on the 18th September 2022 and we click straight away! When she told me about all the plans, it sounded amazing and right up my street! An outdoor wedding at Hothorpe, that was going to be filled with colour with an Alice in Wonderland twist, up for fun photos, loved my smoke bombs and they were doing their wedding how they wanted… plus, Donna has pink hair!!!

I was so excited that they choose me to capture their day and let me show you why…

The date was the 17th of August. The sunlit gardens of Hothorpe Hall witnessed a celebration straight out of a fairytale as Donna and Michael brought their love story to life amidst an enchanting Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding. The air buzzed with anticipation, and the vibrancy of colours adorned every corner, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey down the rabbit hole of love.

Just beautiful

The venue was transformed into a wonderland where fantasy met reality. The setting itself seemed to be plucked from the pages of Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale.

Ceremony time

Donna, radiating elegance in her tea length gown from Beau Belles, and Michael, with eyes only for his beloved, exchanged vows under a canopy of vibrant blooms. Laughter and joy echoed through the air as the couple sealed their commitment with a kiss.

The first kiss as husband and wife

The celebration wasn’t just about the decorations or the themeβ€”it was a canvas painted with the couple’s love story. Donna and Michael’s personalities shone through every detail, making each guest feel like an essential part of their magical day.


The new Mrs & Mrs Collins

Everyone had such a wonderful day

The biggest smiles all day

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the festivities, it was evident that Donna and Michael had created more than just a wedding, it was a canvas painted with the couple’s love story. Donna and Michael’s personalities shone through every detail, making each guest feel like an essential part of their magical day.

Everyone had THE best day!

A group of people roasting marshmallows over a small, contained fire pit inside a dimly lit room with string lights in the background. A woman is leaning over to extend her marshmallow towards the flame while several youths look on, one actively participating in the roasting.
A bride with pink hair and a groom are kissing. They are holding hands and the bride is holding a bouquet. There's a strand of lights above them in an outdoor evening setting.
A bride and groom walk hand in hand near outdoor wooden benches, under a string of lights, with a gazebo in the background at dusk.
A newlywed couple walking hand in hand and smiling, with the bride in a white dress with pink hair adorned with flowers, and the groom in a gray vest and slacks. They are outdoors at dusk, with string lights overhead and a gazebo with white drapes in the background.

I don’t need to tell you anymore how beautiful their wedding was. I am so grateful that they picked me to be part of their day and to capture so many memoires for them. Now, here is the list of everyone that helped their vision to come life

Dress – Beau Belles

Decor – Nerissa Eve Weddings

Smores – BAKED by Emily Davis

Flowers – Twisted Twine

Stationery – Jenna Claire Stationery

Brownie stack – Baked by Mimi

Magic Mirror – Mirra Mirra

Bottle favours – Wildjac

Games – Rustic & Vintage Cart & Props

Caricature – Mick WrightΒ 

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