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Charlie & Liam

Well… where do I start with this wedding, it was amazing from start to end. 

The day was the 10th of September 2022, and I met Charlie and her amazing squad in the morning at Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands, where I got to see one of my 2023 brides (Holly was s bridesmaid for my one big wedding in 2020 and she was also bridesmaid for Charlie, I am so excited for her wedding next year!)

Anyway, back to Charlie and Liam’s day. One things I loved was that they included their gorgeous little fur baby Roxy. She was soooo cute with her special wedding day lead. There was sooo much to love about their day, the dress, how the room was dressed, the venue, the dresses, Roxy, the fab guests, and how up for fun photos they all were.  

Right, I think it is time to show some photos!


Holly had a great time with the steamer

How amazing is the reaction from Charlie's squad?!

Holly and Charlie having one more drink before heading off!

How cute does Roxy look?

Hothorpe Hall and Woodlands is such a beautiful setting to get married

What a beautiful family

How awesome are the group photos?! Such an amazing bunch of people!

This cake was absolutely delicious

The Guests all loving the garden games!

As you can see, everyone had such a cracking day. It was so wonderful to be a part of and I cannot express how much I enjoyed being part of the day. And if you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, you know I love a selfie…

My 3 beautiful brides


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