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Hi... it's me!

I now understand why it has been 8 months since I wrote a blog…. I am RUBBISH at writing! That being said, I am going to try and post a blog once a week or every other week, but please don’t hold me to that!!!

I have wanted to start writing the blogs again and sharing the wonderful moments I capture but I was unsure what my 1st one should be after my time away. So, I put it to social media and asked what the people what they wanted to see/read and a very good friend of mine said it should be about me. Great idea I thought, that one will be easy to write, tell you a bit about myself and how my pink world began and got me where I am today… how wrong was I! I am dyslexic so I struggle anyway getting my thoughts out and down on paper (or computer). My head went blank and all I could think of was I am a wife and mum, that’s not that interesting. So I asked Mr B for some help, and he actually came up with some good points (a couple not so great) so I suppose, here goes…

I haven't changed too much since school have I?!
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Some things about me and what I like

  • I studied drama at college and university.Β 
  • I wanted to be a secondary school teacher but teenagers are mean!
  • I prefer listening to music, I love to dance.
  • I love audiobooks
  • When I do watch tv, I normally just rewatch shows like Friends. But I do love The Great British Bake off!
  • I would love to go travelling. Ooo if you are thinking of having a destination wedding, PLEASE get in touch, I would love to do one… or a few!
  • I want to do a safari. Mr B did say that I would like it guided by Sir David Attenborough. I mean that would be amazing, right?!
  • I love being by the sea and I hope we can live by the coast one day.
  • I didn’t find out I was dyslexic until college which made so much sense why I was not very academic… one year at middle school I pretty much just put the date and title on my work… my parents were not happy!
  • I like tea, wine, pizza, cake and chocolate… but everyone knows that!
  • My family and friends mean everything to me

Things I don't like so much

  • I don’t like fish (made me sick when pregnant).
  • I don’t like it if the horizon isn’t straight in photos.
  • I do not like doing the school run.
  • The social media side to business is so draining. There is so much stuff behind the scenes that no one sees and trying to fit it all in and find a good work/home life balance can be exhausting.
  • I wish I was better at fitness. I start doing something but I don’t have the willpower to keep going!
  • I do not like cleaning. It never stays clean or tidy long enough!

Well, I think that is enough there for you all about me so here goes about my pink world of LB Photography…

Let me start off with a few snaps ...

Click on the photos to make them bigger

As you can see from the photos, I started doing anything and everything I could to get me started but I really wanted to do more weddings and everything changed when I got my 1st wedding show. I was sooo lucky to get it to be honest with you. After I set up my Facebook page in 2018 as I knew I wanted to get into weddings but unsure about what to do next, I joined different groups and tried to connect with different people and I was finding it really difficult getting anywhere. So, in one group (which really did kick start everything off for me). The page is now called The Wedding Business Hub, and I popped a post up saying who I was and I was finding it really hard to get into any wedding shows and is there anyone that could help, and luckily a few people commented and I met up with the wonderful Rachael Hoover to chat and she was so wonderful and kind. Also, the great organisers from Whoop East Events invited me to come along and walk round one of their shows and then I managed to get a space at one of their shows.Β 

I was sooo nervous but it was such a great day and met lots of wonderful couples and even got a few bookings and since then it has been such a whirlwind. I have actually captured 109 weddings!!! How mental is that!? I didn’t think I had gone over the 100 mark but I hadn’t counted the ones pre-covid!

My 1st ever wedding show

I love my job so much

This job is more than a job. It gives me joy. It really is an honour to be chosen and trusted to capture someone’s wedding day.Β 

So on your special day, I am not just your photographer, I like to make sure you and your partner have the day you both dreamed. So, I want you to feel so comfortable around me that you feel like I’m just one of your friends (it helps you forget I’m there and I can capture lots of natural moments. I’ve got a little survival wedding kit in my camera bag if an emergency pops up, I help put buttonholes on and do up the dress, I make sure nothing is in pockets for the group photos, I will fluff your dress (or put it up if you want it), I will get to know your guests so they are happy and comfortable around me, we will dance and laugh and just have a great time! I also love to photobomb your selfies!

Since looking back over photos from when I first started and my first weddings, I can see how much I have grown and how far I’ve come and I am incredibly grateful to my wonderful family, friends and everyone I’ve met along the way. You are all flipping AMAZING!Β 

If you have got this far… well done, I am impressed but I think I’m going to leave it there for now.

Thanks for reading!


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