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I love weddings so much. They are always filled with so much love and happiness and being chosen to capture a couple’s day is such an honour. If you would like more information about my prices and packages, you can find lots of information on my Pricing page but you can click the button below and book in a free no-obligation chat over Zoom

Anyway, I am sure you want to look at photos and not want to read! So click on the photos below to make them bigger. Here is a small selection of my favs, I wish I could so many more though! 

If you scroll down… you will see the images I have won awards for!


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Here are a few snaps that I have won awards for…

A bride and groom holding carved pumpkin heads in front of their faces, at Plum Park Manor. Standing against a backdrop of red autumn leaves, with a hazy orange mist at their feet and a "Bronze Award Guild of Photographers" emblem in the upper right corner.
A wedding couple sharing a kiss on a garden path with an elegant historic building in the background, under a clear sky. The image includes a bronze award emblem from the Guild of Photographers in the lower right corner.
A woman in a white dress and green heels posing in front of a mural with a large black-and-white painted face, standing at a partially raised garage door decorated to be the subject's tie. The mural is on a textured brick wall.
A black and white image of a bride and groom kissing under an umbrella, with raindrops captured in the light against a dark background, creating a romantic atmosphere. The couple is standing on a wooden surface, and there is an award badge and text indicating an accolade from the Wedisson Awards in the upper part of the image.

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