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Tammi & Jason

The day was the 9th July 2022 and it was a very sunny day in Nuneaton and a beautiful day to get married and that is just what Tammi and Jason did. 

They are such a fun and chill couple that I was super excited that they chose me to be part of their day (my husband and father in law actual recommended me to them… so thank you!) 

Anyway, back to the wedding day. Tammi and Jason had a really relaxed wedding day. I love it when a couple make a day about them and have their own touches and that is exactly what these two wonderful people did. They had the biggest smiles ALL DAY!

Right… are you ready to see a few snaps from their day?!


Jason arrived in style!

How radiant is Tammi and isn't her dress amazing?!

Tammi and Jason did not smiling all day, it was sooo infectious

Instead of having flowers, Tammi had a ring of bottle caps! So colourful and I LOVED it!

There was a bouncy castle... we had some fun!

How beautiful is the cake?

And who said your cake toppers need to be on the top of your cake?!

This amazing couple did their wedding in their own amazing way. All they wanted to do was celebrate their love and marriage with the people that meant most to them, you don’t need the big white dress, flowers, fancy venue. You just need each other and the people who love you the most to be there and celebrate with you.


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