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Planning your wedding? Then here is a few tips for you...

Recently engaged? Or have you been engaged for a while and just started to plan? Have no idea where to start?

Well, I don’t blame you at all. There is SO much out there and so much to chose from. Do you want a barn wedding venue, hotel or something completely different? Big, medium or small wedding?Β 

And as soon as you get engaged, everyone will have an opinion and what you should do, how much money you should spend (especially if you ask in social media groups!)

Here are a few tips for you…


It is your wedding, not theirs. Be kind. However, do not try to please everyone.

Planning your wedding can so be so much fun but it can also can be a tad stressful at times. So one of the most important things to remember is to plan your wedding how you want. Invite who you want. The day is about you and your partner. So make sure you plan your dream wedding


When you are planning your day, you will contacting a lot of different people. Lots of suppliers, your guests. To save yourself time trying to search through messages and emails. Set yourself a wedding email address. That way, you will have all of your wedding information in one place.Β 

Also, ask your suppliers for recommendations (or ones to avoid) we have all worked with so many people and I know so many amazing suppliers that I will happily recomend to anyone.


Do Not Rush. Don’t rush picking your squad. Don’t rush choosing your suppliers. Take your time.

Sit down, just you and your partner. Figure out together what you want from your day. Pick 3 of the most important aspects, this could be venue, photographer and food (these are probably mine… I do love cake haha!) or it could be the dress or something completely different, but take the time to work it all out.Β Who do you want beside you throughout all of the wedding process? Choose carefully. I’ve seen/heard a few stories where couples have regretted asking people to be part of their day. So take your time.


Don’t forget that your day is is all about you and your partner.

Throughout the day, hold hands, share special looks, even exchange the odd little whisper.

Stay focused on each other and your emotions. It is more than ok to cry, weddings can be rather emotional times!

Remember to create the best day and memories for each other.

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And at the end of your wedding day. No matter what happens, if it ends with you married to your person, your best friend, the love of your life, it was a ROARING success.

Things will go wrong, on the run up and during the actually wedding day and trust me, it is fine. Remember why you are doing all this stuff… to marry your other half.

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